Public buildings

Citizen-friendly and security-relevant - Strategies and measures for the protection of public buildings.
Professional security concepts for public offices, educational and cultural facilities

Security - a public issue

Threats like crime and terrorism have led to increased attention to the security of people and in buildings. Especially in the public sector. Due to high visitor frequencies, public buildings such as government offices and schools are facing growing security problems. The Threat scenarios range from spectacular risks like terrorism and arson to everyday threats like theft or vandalism.


Manifold risks, individual protection

In public buildings such as daycare centers, schools, museums, theaters and municipal offices, a wide range of security issues must be addressed. On one hand, the aim is to offer a customer-friendly open house, and on the other hand there are non-public areas and specific security needs. In parallel to the personnel, many visitors usually enter and leave the building; at the same time, hence, employees, valuables, files or data need to be protected.


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One-stop security

Modern and efficient security solutions - based on a reliable situational assessment - are a complex process to identify and ward off all dangers at an early stage. When creating a safety concept, the to be pursued security objectives and existing risks must be defined individually. Security systems for public buildings should include every security technology solution: from the protection of human life to burglary, theft and sabotage protection of various risk areas.


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