The innovative MB-Secure PRO

Honeywell Security's alarm control panel is the heart of our security solution - providing the performance, capacity and versatility to meet virtually any installation requirement using a single platform.

MB-Secure - setting new standards for alarm control panels.

The heart of our security solution

The MB-Secure PRO is the innovative alarm control panel that combines hardware, firmware, licensing and future security in one integrated platform.This pioneering technology platform allows the configuration to be tailored precisely - with the option of defining just a few users or a large number of users and the ability to connect various readers and control panels directly, the MB-Secure PRO is the ideal solution for both small and large integrated systems.

One advantage: the scope of services you need

All MB-Secure PRO control panels are equipped with a standardized circuit board. The pre-programmed bundles from the MB-Secure PRO 2000 to the MB-Secure PRO 6000 already contain the respective scope of services. The installer can now activate the individually required functionalities and desired extensions as required using a license key via an online portal. The licensing tool not only simplifies installation and programming. It also offers enormous cost benefits.

Another advantage: only pay for what you need

The installer can use the license key to quickly and easily define features for areas, detector zones, room/time zones, macros, users and data carriers, for example.

The license key is also used to define the desired features for access control, the interface to the management system or IP alarm transmission. The following applies to all basic licenses and extensions: you only have to pay for what is actually activated.

Unique: intrusion detection and access control in one system

Where intrusion detection is required, access control is also always necessary. MB-Secure PRO uniquely combines both trades with central processing of all information and user authorizations. The seamlessly integrated IQ MultiAccess WINMAG plus software packages make it easy to manage user rights and process and visualize alarms.