WINMAG plus - Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Master your security environment with WINMAG plus™
Constantly growing requirements to the safety equipment in buildings are leading to more and more efficiency, but also increasingly complex solutions.
With WINMAG plus™, all security systems in your building and multi-site facilities, can be integrated and managed in one, intuitive user interface.

Are you keeping the overview? How can all this be managed?

The answer is: Scalable alarm and risk management
WINMAG plus™ is a security platform for enterprise and critical infrastructure customers.
It provides a robust, global integrated fire, intrusion, access control and video surveillance solution to protect your staff and property and optimize productivity all while reducing operational costs

Safe, simple and highly effective
WINMAG plus has a modular design and is built for a multi channel ecosystem which provides the right content to the right user in the right context.

It is a platform which is an open and
customizable security solution. This means that the software adapts to the growth of your company. It offers one single UI for all connected security systems.

Whether global or regional - everything managed everywhere
Independently a representative residence or large properties, or regional or globally distributed properties.

WINMAG plus is the right software for full situational awareness with graphics showing exceptional alarm events for all connected systems to the correct person in the associated geographic location.
It can be used in banks and offices as well as in shopping malls, museums and other public buildings with high security requirements.

New features

  • Support of AutoCAD drawings via license option WM4040
  • OPC-Server via license option WM5100
  • Availability Universal Gateway for data transfer to higher-level systems via license option WM5800
  • Workflow deployment between all connected WINMAG stations
  • Cybersecurity improvements

You can find further information in our current brochure
Or contact us directly.

The new WINMAG version 6.2 is now available for download on our homepage for all our customers.

IMPORTANT: Before installing version V6.2, please update your existing V6.0 / V6.1 / V6.1 SP1 license file to the new V6.2 license file. This update is free of charge.

In addition to the functional enhancements, we have made many cybersecurity improvements with this new version V6.2. Therefore we would like to encourage you to update your existing, older versions.
A maintenance of the software older versions 6 will be discontinued from mid-May.

Download V6.2 (login required)